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The MediaLab is a postgraduate research lab part of Stellenbosch University.

The MediaLab contains research groups primarily from the Electrical & Electronic Engineering department, with smaller groups from the industrial engineering and computer science departments. The main focus of the MediaLab is on signals processing and machine learning.

Research Groups

LSL: Language, Speech and Learning group

The LSL group focuses on speech and language processing, with a particular focus on deep learning approaches applied to speech processing tasks.

Computer Vision group

The vision group focuses on applying machine learning techniques to images and video processing tasks.




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Joining the MediaLab:

Positions in the MediaLab are negotiated with your supervisor. If you are in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering department studying a postgraduate degree (e.g. Masters, PhD), then you can ask your supervisor for more information.

Part of the MediaLab and would like to amend information?:

Please get in touch with the lab manager.

Last updated: 20 Feb 2024.