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Rust: A language for the future

I can already hear everyone moaning about why another language has been created and how it will differ from the vast selection of languages that already exist. What will make it different and how will it actually improve the current situation where choosing the right language for the job has come down to what language [...]

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The Entitlement Complex

Everyone hates paying for things. Especially if you don’t want the thing you just paid for. This could be an iPad, a voice line when you want ADSL or for your mother in law’s flight so she can come visit you on Christmas. This also happens when you subscribe to a pay TV service. The [...]

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3 (more or less) realistic hacker movies

Whenever hackers are portrayed in movies it most often involves a 3D fly-through user interface with what would appear to be advances mathematical formulas, binary numbers and what not flying across the screen. However, the truth is that most hackers would never go anywhere near a GUI. In fact, most break-ins into computer systems are [...]

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