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Rust: A language for the future

I can already hear everyone moaning about why another language has been created and how it will differ from the vast selection of languages that already exist. What will make it different and how will it actually improve the current situation where choosing the right language for the job has come down to what language [...]

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On Art and Development

I played the recorder. And xylophone. And violin, flute and trumpet. And TV and computer, especially imaginative roleplaying and adventure games. I made crystals and castles, bombs and swords, sandboards and robots and model planes, folded paper and cards and balloons, and designed, sketched, modelled, and animated.

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The Future. The year 2012.

Hello, person, of the year 1999. I am from the future, the year 2012. Let me tell you about all the amazing things humanity will invent in the next few years! First. If I get my numbers right, there are only 250 million people currently connected to your internet. By the end of the decade, [...]

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