MJ (Thinus) Booysen (PhD-III).

Media access control for fast communication in vehicular ad-hoc networks.

The focus of my work is Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks or VANETs. VANETs is an interesting and active field or research that strives to get vehicles to converse with each other to make driving more enjoyable.  The aim of this field of research is to augment automotive experience in the following ways:

  • Increase in safety of the vehicle, for instance advanced collision warning, intersection management and lane change assist.
  • Increased traffic flow through electronic toll collection and collective traffic speed control (as part of Intelligent Transportation Systems – ITS).
  • Infotainment within the vehicle in the forms of streaming media and media sharing.

The focus of my research is on vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication in different scenarios where there is no availability in infrastructure, or where it is not preferred.  The main focus of my research is on the MAC layer, which, due to the high mobility, variable transmission conditions and multi-channel communication, is very tricky for VANETs. I use the highly flexible Veins platform (which combines SUMO and OMNeT++) for my simulations.

I made a tutorial to get you up and running with SUMO, OMNeT++, and Veins in a few minutes: goo.gl/469Hv.

Some videos of the projects we have worked on can be seen here:
Automatic vehicle-based image capturing system (Wi-fi, cellular): video: goo.gl/MNZH2
In-vehicle infotainment system on touch sensitive Windows platform: video: goo.gl/d8SSF
Wi-fi V2V and WiMAX V2I  media delivery into vehicles: video: goo.gl/PyZdS,  document: goo.gl/uikmB
We are also working on minibus taxi tracking and using taxis as media platforms. To see what a taxi looks like from the inside, look at this video: goo.gl/q9883. A video of our mobile phone based (Android) minibus taxi tracker application, see goo.gl/JROQ6


Presentation at the Geneva motor show, fully networked car conference, on the relevance of ITS in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa: goo.gl/GzUbS

My linkedIn profile: goo.gl/13yLy

My contact details: mjbooysen@ml.sun.ac.za