Tapiwa Gutu (MScEng-I).

Development of energy efficient software and hardware camera trap platform.

The security industry has become a trillion dollar industry, with the Gulf security industry alone being valued at USD$1bn in 2009. Large scale CCTV networks have been deployed to date, but they produce a huge amount of redundant data and place an enormous demand on bandwidth.

The demand for sophisticated surveillance technology resulted in smart cameras. Smart cameras perform on-board video content analysis and only report detected events instead of permanently streaming video. Video stream analysis and recording consumes a lot of power, this limits smart cameras to urban areas were power is readily available. Therefore my research will focus on extending the functionality and performance of camera traps.

I define a camera trap as a camera with automated image triggering and recording capabilities. Camera traps have a motion sensor that detects movement in their field of view. They do not record a video stream but instead only capture one or more images when movement is detected.

I will design the software and hardware for a camera trap platform that supports ad hoc networking for remote data retrieval and has a scalable hardware design for the addition and replacement of environmental sensors. Efficient power consumption is a critical factor for long term operation.

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