Stefan Alberts (MScEng).

Software Hand Tracking and Pose Recognition Using Depth Images

My research will focus on the design and implementation of a software system capable of tracking the hands of a user and recognising the pose (orientation and shape) of the user’s hands using depth images. This system will allow users to interact with a computer system connected to a depth camera (e.g. Microsoft Kinect) using only their hands.

The research will provide insights into the application of Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques for hand tracking and pose recognition. It will also highlight the benefits and obstacles of using depth images.

The final system will remove the need for handheld devices, such as remote controls, for wireless input systems and allow for more natural and intuitive control of computer system. Applications for such a system include translation of sign languages, wireless control of household appliances, immersive gaming through hand gestures and touch-free computer interfaces for clean-rooms (operating theatres, microelectronic laboratories, etc.).

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