Robert Mataruse (MScEng).

Sensor Data Acquisition and web publishing and communications

Rising average temperatures, melting ice caps, perennial droughts, increased pollution levels, rising sea levels and local river flooding, these are some of the issues that plague the world today. This has led to the development of the Digital Earth concept. The Digital or Smart World is an interconnected world between the physical world and the Internet. Sensors and wireless technology has evolved greatly over the last couple of years enabling the realization of the smart world. This allows for direct interactions and real-time monitoring of the world allowing for more proactive decision making and being more aware of the consequences of our actions. Sustainable living means making use only of the resources we require and preserving some for future generations. A smart world provides us a window into this.

My research focus is on the collection and visualization of the data that is acquired by the sensors in a Sensor Web. Sensor Web is a network of interconnected sensors that are accessible over the web and is a sub set of the Internet of Things. I am mainly interested in the publication of the sensor data over the web as well as the direct interaction with the sensors. This provides a more visual representation of the observed parameters and allows for these to be shared among users to facilitate for faster decision making process.

I have divided my focus into three main focus area.

  1. Plug and Play sensor deploymentDue to the remoteness and inaccessibility of some deployment areas of the sensors, there is a need to seamlessly add the sensors to the network with minimal human intervention. They should be discoverable and accessible upon successful deployment. The current lack of standardization is one of the major challenges in this area.
  2. Web CommunicationsOnce deployed the sensors must rely their observations over the web and they should also be reachable to allow for calibration and other parametric configurations after deployment.
  3. Geoportal – Web PublishingThis is the more tangible product of the research and one that is used to evaluate the success of the overall system. The geoportal provides a portal on which the sensor data is published in a manner that gives uses a greater understanding of the observed feature, and interpret it in such a way that a decision can be made.

That sums up the core concepts of my research.

When I am not working on my research I am either watching movies or reading a book or following the latest trends in the field of IoT.

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