Rehan van Zyl (BSc-Hons).

Rehan van Zyl
Indoor localisation and navigation using a mobile phone

The norm for localisation and navigation is GPS. GPS works well outdoors and accuracies within a few centimeters is possible with advanced methods under the right conditions. There are mobile phones with GPS but at this time none of them can provide the type of accuracies previously mentioned. A position accurate to within a few meters can be expected in the best case. This is not good enough for indoor use.

Another problem with GPS is that a signal cannot be guaranteed anywhere in any building. In short GPS is not reliable and accurate enough for indoor use.

Various attempts, at localisation and navigation, have been made using augmented reality and various computer vision techniques each with its own set of pros and cons. To my knowledge no system exits which can provide continuous navigation and is feasible for large buildings.

In my research I am attempting to build a robust system which can provide continuous localisation and navigation using a mobile phone’s built-in camera. Augmented reality together with various computer visiontechniques forms the basis of my system. I am mainly concentrating on theAndroid platform for the implementation of my application.

Supervisor: Dr McElory Hoffmann

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