Quiran Storey (MScEng-I).

Security and containment of electronic media in a peer-to-peer media distribution platform.

Everything including our online friendships or day-to-day communication relies on electronic information. A great deal of trust must be placed in these resources and so we require the information to be secure. The focus of my research is on the security and containment of electronic media in a peer-to-peer platform.In the world of peer-to-peer, information is stored on peers as apposed to a server in a datacenter. Jacques Bruwer developed a platform whereby videos are distributed using peer-to-peer technology with local networks. This technique allows the videos to be downloaded into the local network where it can be cached by the peers thereby reducing Internet costs. One of the target applicationsfor this video on demand TV platform is campus networks where the local bandwidth is abundant. In order for this platform to be realized, content providers must rest assured knowing that their content is secure while the media must be allowed to distributed through the platform without ever leaving it.The focus of my research is to secure the content within the platform. The concept is focused on encrypting the video information with multiple keys and using an active Internet connection to stream the keys in real-time to unlock the information for playback.The streaming of keys will require very little bandwidth as apposed to services that have to stream the entire video for playback. This approach allows people to distribute files through the application or via external storage devices, such as hard disk drives or flash drives, because the user must have an Internet connection to unlock the video for playback.

The benefits include the following:
  • Real time auditing of media consumption
  • User based authentication for video playback
  • Extremely low bandwidth requirements during playback
  • Codec independence
My contact details: qstorey@ml.sun.ac.za