Niel de la Rouviere (MPHIL-I).

Learning Chinese Vocabulary: a SRS implementation utilizing the unique properties of Chinese Orthography

I’m currently doing an MPhil degree in Hypermedia for Language Learning. I have majors in Chinese and General Linguistics.

I’m extremely fascinated by second and foreign language acquisition and its application and importance in a global society. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in the Chinese web, following the ebb and flow of a great and exciting internet ecosystem, that is very different to the Western web we’re all used to.

My research, will look into the unique properties of the Chinese script and how to implement it into a unique SRS (Spaced Repetition System) flashcard program. This will aid foreign learners of Chinese learn Chinese more efficiently.

You can contact me and find me on Twitter, @nieldlr, or check out my personal site for updates on projects. Furthermore, you can also read my Mandarin learning blog if you are interested to see my struggles and successes in learning Mandarin.

大家好,我叫Niel de la Rouviere,但是我的中文的名字是田力,因为在第一次的汉语上课,我的老师让我决一个名字,终于我选择田力,因为写字很容易。现在我学习MPhil in Hypermedia for Language Learning。我真喜欢语言,尤其汉语,因为中国的文化非常有意思。我打算调研计算机辅助语言学习。如果你明白汉语,请联系我,所以我们聊天儿。我的电子邮件是

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