Marcel Dunaiski (MSc Computer Science).

Ranking Academic Publications using Models of Traffic

How I got here:

I moved from Germany to South Africa in 2008 to study applied mathematics at the University of Stellenbosch. In my second year I noticed how much I liked programming and computer science and decided to change my degree. I joined the MediaLab in the beginning of 2011 while I was working on my honours degree.

Research Description:

Currently, I am working towards a master’s degree in computer science. The focus of my research surrounds ranking algorithms that can be applied to citation networks and used to rank academic publications, authors, journals, conferences… Specifically, the performance in terms of various criteria of these ranking algorithms are investigated such as how well they identify high impact papers or active research fronts. Examples of such algorithms are PageRank, CiteRank and PaperRank. Related areas are journal ranking, graph clustering and graph optimisation. As a positive side effect of analysing citation networks is identifying interesting trends in publication behaviours of researchers.

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