Jacques Bruwer (MScEng).

Jacques Bruwer
Peer-to-peer video streaming over fast local networks

Hi, and welcome, I’m currently a second year masters student at the medialab. My research at the lab focuses on peer-to-peer technologies and its specific application to video streaming for fast metropolitan networks like we have here at the university.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about consider the following scenario:

Lets say you are currently a student enrolled at Stellenbosch University and like any other student with a television series addiction you use “somewhat” illegal methods like DC++ to obtain said media from the local campus network. What if there was a way to obtain this media in a legal manner with the added benefits of an enriched viewing experience with for instance recommendations.

The big picture idea is to create a managed platform where users contribute resources to exchange media efficiently by utilizing peer-to-peer technology. Not only do we want to create a platform for users but also use this platform to investigate user behaviour, protocol efficiency, and network metrics to name a few. In order for us to create this platform we need to work on laying the ground work by researching and implementing efficient P2P based protocols for distributing media.

The era of dictating programming schedules are over. Users want to watch what they want, when they want.

The basic media distribution idea is shown in this image slides.

Besides research I enjoy web development, design and all things tech and internet related. I am fascinated by internet startups and aspire to be part of one in the near future.

My contact details: jbruwer@ml.sun.ac.za