Estiaan le Roux (MScEng).

Estiaan le Roux
The Design of a 3D Mixed Reality Framework

Supervisor: Dr G-J van Rooyen

I’m a second year masters student at the Media Lab, doing research in the field of augmented reality. Augmented reality or AR is when we add digital information to the real world in real time. A typical AR-program would find real world coordinates in some way, and bound virtual information to that position. As the output is visual, a demo is probably worth more than a elaborate explanation. Here is a video of a AR demo I built this using Goblin XNA. We use the markers to find the plane in which the table’s surface is located, and use it as a surface for the car to drive on.

My topic is the design of a stereovision-based mixed reality framework, where mixed reality is simply an environment containing both real and virtual elements. Working with stereo cameras allows us to find the depth of real world objects, making markerless interaction between virtual and real objects possible. I’m also exploring the possibilities 3D vision, as seen in 3D movies, holds for mixed reality.

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