Dirk Bosman (MComm-II).

Dirk Bosman
The analysis of consumer power by measuring the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on online purchases.

If you would like to share your opinion about a book that you read, a traditional e-commerce platform would be the perfect place to start as it allows consumers to rate, review and share their general feelings about a certain topic.

You will, however not be informed straight away which of your friends “liked” a certain item more and which of them didn’t “like” the item at all.

By turning a social data into a platform upon which people can interact around the latter’s social object, the social dynamics behind the social object can be better leveraged that way.  I am focussing my research on building an online platform to capture electronic word of mouth patterns around a social object.  This can then ultimately be better leveraged for future marketing strategies.

My contact details: djbosman@ml.sun.ac.za