Carel van Wyk (MScEng).

Carel van Wyk
Mobile Markerless Augmented Reality

My field of research in the Medialab at the University of Stellenbosch is the visually rich and exciting world of Augmented Reality. Where virtual reality is the immersion of a subject into a purely virtual world, augmented reality is the immersion of a subject into a version of the real world that is augmented with additional information.

My specific focus is on Mobile Augmented Reality; the deployment of AR views onto mobile devices such as the latest Smartphones. Here is a video and blog post demonstrating markerless Augmented Reality (natural feature tracking) on an iPhone 3Gs:

Blog post: Markerless Augmented Reality on iPhone 3Gs

Here is another video of an interactive AR demo I made for the lab:

Blog post: Medialab Augmented Reality iPhone App.
The above demo makes use of ARToolkit from ARToolworks.

As part of my research I am trying to accomplish markerless AR tracking on mobile devices. This requires advanced Computer Vision techniques for tracking and mapping of AR environments. The following video demonstrates my code for interest point detection, description and tracking on an iPhone 3G:

Blog post: Tracking FAST corners using SURF descriptors on the iPhone 3G.

On the right is a screenshot of my video AR app running on an iPhone 3G that was made for the MIH technical conference in Prague, 2009.Augmented Reality Cube

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