Accelerometer in Mobiles used for monitoring employee activities

Company managers are forced in today’s working environment to cut cost and improve efficiency in any possible manner. For a manager to improve efficiency, they need performance reports or some monitoring system. Certain companies are aiming to not only monitor or record employee’s task, but also how much time was spent by the employee on [...]

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Version Control

I checked out some version control solutions today, the candidates were: SVN, Bazaar and Git. My main requirements were ease of use, public hosting service (repo, ticket tracking, wiki, etc) and the ability to make source private (Remember that NDA you signed?). Turns out the simplest and quickest solution is bitbucket based on Mercurial. Sign [...]

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Lend me your ears!

Konrad Blum, a Masters researcher at the Electronic Media Laboratory, is conducting an experiment to test techniques that improve the intelligibility of voice conversations over a digital network. If you have a couple of minutes to spare to listen to garbled audio, please help him out! The experiment can be accessed online at To [...]

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Applications open for 2010

The research team is looking for candidates who… …have already completed, or are about to complete their BSc or BEng degrees in a related field (Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics). …have an exceptional undergraduate academic record. …have a solid background in computer programming and have a good idea of what Software Engineering is [...]

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Welcome to the MIH Media Lab website. We have finally added some content so you can read what we are about.

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