Media Lab Monday with Gys Kappers

Media Lab Monday with Gys Kappers
SPEAKER: Gys Kappers
TIME: 16:30 – 17:30
VENUE: MIH Media Lab

Gys Kappers is the speaker at our November Media Lab Monday.

Passionate about people, business and future-proof success, Gys is the CEO and co-founder of South Africa’s enterprise social business platform, WyseTalk. Gys’s tipping point came in 2008 after he sold his concrete masonry business to a JSE listed entity in a multi-million rand buyout. Taking a break from the fast-paced world of running 19 factories across the country and being responsible for 600+ staff he enrolled in an EMBA from the UCT GSB. His interest was piqued by the learning in systems thinking, change management, tracing the radical demise of leading brands around the world and open innovation practises, it was also a chance encounter with a fellow student that prompted the next dramatic shift in focus for him in the local technology and VC sector. Gys completed his thesis on “The delay of social business software adoption in the enterprise and its effects”. Gys also consults to companies on the quantum shift required in leadership, the results that collaboration can bring about, how improving communication delivers bottom line results and on how the generational and technological shifts are shaking business on its head.

The event is open to the public and everyone is welcome!