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Individual and Collective Identity on Social Networks

I’ve recently become fascinated with the concept of identity and the use of online social-networks to express ourselves. Social networks allows a certain range of interactions to occur, while at the same time, it constrains other interactions. Various social networks do things differently and thus communication leads to different results. Instagram for examples functions mainly [...]

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The Power of APIs: A Hypothetical SkyNet

APIs are becoming more and more popular each day. A lot of new APIs are being launched every day, some useful and others just plain awesome. I work APIs every day and sometimes discover quite interesting ways to mash them up. With the launch of Google’s prediction API, it got me wondering whether it is [...]

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The Chinese Web Ecosystem

It’s strange world out there & China is no exception. In fact it’s so different, that most of the time it’s completely unrecognizable to the gurus of the West. The most populous country in the world is no stranger to the Web or 互联网 (pronounced who-leean-whung) in Chinese. It’s language makes it a hard barrier [...]

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