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Dabbling in text mining to study ‘othering’ on Bonfiire Stellenbosch

Background For my Honours research project this year, I analysed ways of increasing user participation in blog-based social networks. My case study was Bonfiire, a multi-community network for discussion and debate, that I co-founded with a friend in 2012. Since the public launch of Bonfiire Stellenbosch (our first community, targeted at Stellenbosch University students and [...]

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Some observations about the NUS collection of SMSs

  Ya i am doin too much.hereafter i wnt ask any one Hey sorry I didnt give ya a a bell earlier hunny, just been in bed but mite go 2 the pub l8tr if u wana mt up? loads a luv Jen. Pay credit card bill for my sis… Ur sis lesson until wat [...]

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Semantics, tagging and Twitter:

Another failed “Semantic Web” experiment, or a potential gold mine? Twitter recently announced a new development, called “Annotations”, at the Chirp Twitter developers’ conference. Annotations is a way of adding additional metadata to your tweets, and is in many ways arguably an inevitable expansion of their original self-imposed 140 character limit, which has since become [...]

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