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About: Wikipedia’s structure and how it is used in research

Wikipedia is an amazing resource of information for readers, people that quickly want to check facts and sometimes also the last resort to settle a heated debate about some topic. Recently, Wikipedia has also gained attention to researchers that recognized Wikipedia’s unique structure and scale as a great tool for research and experiments. Wikipedia’s structure [...]

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The Power of APIs: A Hypothetical SkyNet

APIs are becoming more and more popular each day. A lot of new APIs are being launched every day, some useful and others just plain awesome. I work APIs every day and sometimes discover quite interesting ways to mash them up. With the launch of Google’s prediction API, it got me wondering whether it is [...]

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An example of topic models on the web

Have you ever followed someone on Twitter expecting great tweets, but instead you only see tweets about coffee and muffins? Topic models will come to your rescue. It all comes down to the fact that users need more control on Twitter.  Let’s be honest: most tweets in your stream only receive a cursory glance. Have [...]

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Semantics, tagging and Twitter:

Another failed “Semantic Web” experiment, or a potential gold mine? Twitter recently announced a new development, called “Annotations”, at the Chirp Twitter developers’ conference. Annotations is a way of adding additional metadata to your tweets, and is in many ways arguably an inevitable expansion of their original self-imposed 140 character limit, which has since become [...]

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