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Web Development – A Useful Skill

Why I started web development I’m a person that loves coming up with new ideas. My friends and family know this all too well. From drive-through grocery shops to fully automated peer-to-peer community courier services. Doesn’t matter how absurd, I just like new ideas. The problem is implementing these ideas. They usually cost a lot [...]

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Apace Maven and Webhosting Services Comparisons

I would like to share some utilities and useful insights that I have discovered during my first year of masters research. These include Apache Maven, a very useful dependency resolution and build automation utility for Java as well as my experiences with different free or partially free Web hosting services. Apache Maven What is Apache [...]

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Sound Synthesis, an Overview

Often when I listen to game produced audio (either when playing an audio game, or looking over the shoulder of a sighted player), it struck me how sounds resulting from consecutive similar actions sound exactly the same. A good example of this is the sound of an opening door. In most games one can open [...]

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Natural Language Programming

Much exploration has been done recently to find an alternative way of programming besides traditional programming languages. With the current app boom, an alternative programming method can be useful for those wanting to write a mobile app, but not willing to learn a programming language. A common approach is programming using a visual interface. Pure [...]

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How low does your Game Tree go?

The history of designing computer players for board games goes back to the 1970′s when a series of chess playing programs were created to play in real tournaments. The best known of these players is IBM’s Deep Blue that defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. The most notable computer chess players were all [...]

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Rust: A language for the future

I can already hear everyone moaning about why another language has been created and how it will differ from the vast selection of languages that already exist. What will make it different and how will it actually improve the current situation where choosing the right language for the job has come down to what language [...]

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The Right Tool for the Job

Someone comes up to you and says “So what’s the best [programming language | text editor | IDE | operating system | browser | database solution | version control system]?” You slouch back in your chair, look blankly up at the ceiling, and a small frown starts to form on your face. You say the [...]

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Developing a Unit Test Framework (Part 1)

I always knew this was bound to happen, I have dreaded its inevitability but alas it finally happened…and not for the first time. All programmers have been down this road, you perusing that aging lump of cobwebs you call code. You decide to do a little dust busting and before you know it, everything is [...]

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Developing a Unit Test Framework (Part 2)

In Part 1 [1], we discussed the main features of what makes a good unit testing framework. This article documents the step by step design process and key decisions made during the development of the unit testing framework. I will only cover the overarching design goals. If you would like to see a more detailed example of a [...]

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On Art and Development

I played the recorder. And xylophone. And violin, flute and trumpet. And TV and computer, especially imaginative roleplaying and adventure games. I made crystals and castles, bombs and swords, sandboards and robots and model planes, folded paper and cards and balloons, and designed, sketched, modelled, and animated.

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