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Measuring Quality in Online Text

As the social web grows and people become increasingly socially aware, news sites are becoming ever larger discussion communities where users can address and comment on common issues spurred by the news articles. One of the key features promoting the success of these online communities, is the large-scale user-engagement seen in the forms of rating, [...]

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Natural Language Programming

Much exploration has been done recently to find an alternative way of programming besides traditional programming languages. With the current app boom, an alternative programming method can be useful for those wanting to write a mobile app, but not willing to learn a programming language. A common approach is programming using a visual interface. Pure [...]

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Minimal storage of natural language dictionaries using DFAs

Dictionaries In computer science applications, it is often necessary to store a large set of words—or a dictionary—from some natural language, say English. Particularly, dictionaries feature as a crucial component in many tasks in the field of natural language processing, such as spell checking, autocompletion and speech recognition. Naively, dictionaries may be implemented by using [...]

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