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The wonder of Android

We have all heard of, or used an Android device but what makes Android so unique? According to market research firm IDC Android is currently the leader in the smartphone market with a 59% of the market compared to iOS with 29%. Android is an open source software stack for mobile devices such as smartphones [...]

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“Ebugs” for Smart Phones and Tablets

Ever since buying the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch a few months ago I encountered problems relating to the battery life. On average if I received or made 10 calls a day (average time per call 5 minutes), run a few apps and accessed my emails, the battery would run out after a few hours. [...]

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Mobile Technology in Africa: a comparative view between Kenya and South Africa

A recent GSMA report stated that Africa is currently the second biggest market for mobile in the world. This means that there is huge innovation potential in terms of mobile technology application development, as well as creating solutions (think access to information, ability to transfer money, creating jobs) for the more than 649 million handset [...]

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MXit API Launch

The MXit API launch took place in Stellenbosch at STIAS on 29 October. Some MIH Media Lab members went to the event, to see what new possibilities might come from MXit partially opening their system, to enable 3rd party development. Herman Heunis , CEO of MXit, opened the floor with a few interesting insights into [...]

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Markerless Augmented Reality on iPhone 3Gs

As promised, something cool! This video demonstrates Markerless Augmented Reality on an iPhone 3Gs. It is done using natural feature tracking by inspecting FAST corners as demonstrated in the previous video here:

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Stable FAST corners on 3Gs – Official API.

Just a short post regarding the detection of FAST corners on an iPhone 3Gs using only the official SDK (ie, Appstore ready). This video differs from the previous ones in that it’s extremely fast (total processing time per frame is 10ms) and it can detect and draw thousands of points of interest using FAST, OpenCV [...]

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Accelerometer in Mobiles used for monitoring employee activities

Company managers are forced in today’s working environment to cut cost and improve efficiency in any possible manner. For a manager to improve efficiency, they need performance reports or some monitoring system. Certain companies are aiming to not only monitor or record employee’s task, but also how much time was spent by the employee on [...]

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