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Predicting the future with Machine Learning

The future is uncertain. Luckily by using some machine learning ‘black magic’ we will look into ways to predict the future. Hopefully in the blog post I can demystify some of the magic. Predicting the future, or to be more specific, Forecasting the future has been one of man’s fascinations for centuries. From ancient Babylon’s forecasters, weathermen [...]

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Measuring Quality in Online Text

As the social web grows and people become increasingly socially aware, news sites are becoming ever larger discussion communities where users can address and comment on common issues spurred by the news articles. One of the key features promoting the success of these online communities, is the large-scale user-engagement seen in the forms of rating, [...]

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How to model Natural Language

I have always been fascinated by language. A human language (also called a natural language) is a complex, highly-sophisticated system that allows us to express thoughts and to communicate with one other. A language is build up out of words, phrases and sentences that speakers of the language attach meanings to. The vocabulary of a [...]

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The Science of Penalties

One of my favourite pastimes is watching football (also called soccer in some parts of the world), there are few things more beautiful than seeing a ball kicked 40-50 yards and laying completely still at the feet of the intended recipient after a single deft touch.  The 2011/2012 season came to a close at the [...]

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A 46.8% positive introduction to Sentiment Analysis

Few Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools are touted as “blatantly useful” as often as sentiment analysis. Companies want to know why their products are bad, and they want to know it automatically. Past Some of the first automatic sentiment classification experiments used film reviews as data. You have the actual text, and you have the [...]

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Some observations about the NUS collection of SMSs

  Ya i am doin too much.hereafter i wnt ask any one Hey sorry I didnt give ya a a bell earlier hunny, just been in bed but mite go 2 the pub l8tr if u wana mt up? loads a luv Jen. Pay credit card bill for my sis… Ur sis lesson until wat [...]

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The Basics of Reinforcement Learning

This is a guest contribution by Herman Schaaf, a final-year Electronic Engineering student at Stellenbosch University. Herman has just begun his final-year project, in which he is developing an artificial intelligence that should learn how to play StarCraft by using the principles of Reinforcement Learning. Because gaming technology and machine intelligence is very Medialabbish, we [...]

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