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Sound Synthesis, an Overview

Often when I listen to game produced audio (either when playing an audio game, or looking over the shoulder of a sighted player), it struck me how sounds resulting from consecutive similar actions sound exactly the same. A good example of this is the sound of an opening door. In most games one can open [...]

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How low does your Game Tree go?

The history of designing computer players for board games goes back to the 1970′s when a series of chess playing programs were created to play in real tournaments. The best known of these players is IBM’s Deep Blue that defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. The most notable computer chess players were all [...]

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Non-visual 3D Environments

For most people, the title might seam to contradict itself. 3D, at least if you’re not a mathematician, immediately brings to mind 3D computer games, 3D movies, and other visual media. In this article however, I will not focus on the visual aspect associated with 3D. In fact, I want to describe a 3D experience [...]

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Mastering M(a/i)croscopic

So, what does it all come down to? “It”, you ask? Yes! It: everything. It all comes down to the microscopic level, a level where the eye cannot see (and beyond still, if you are a nuclear physicist or perhaps a chemist). The reason why I am bringing this up is because it plays a [...]

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Bringing the Real to the Virtual

Video game engines have come a long way in the last 20 or so years. As all sorts of new technologies emerge, our ability to make games behave more real is becoming less of a dream! I remember playing Half-Life 1 and Deus Ex 1 around 1999 and being flabbergasted by one’s ability to interact [...]

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Crowdfunding and games: The niche is larger than you think

There’s no denying that the videogame industry has become a huge and profitable industry. With the exception of the crash of 1977, the industry has shown huge growth, and with the advances in graphics and processing technology, video games have constantly increased in scope, complexity and immersion. Games of the 80’s and 90’s were simpler, [...]

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Visions of the Future

The Foundation originated on the remote world of Terminus, situated on the far edge of a crumbling galactic empire. Surrounded by breakaway imperial provinces, all trying to carve out their own little empires, the Foundation had to use to its advantage the only resource it had. That resource was knowledge.  Powerful science! Nuclear Science! Combining [...]

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Random versus Handmade

In game development there are generally two ways to go about creating content for your game. The first is to hire people to design enough to be able to release your game, while the second is to write algorithms that automatically generate as much content as you would want for your game (this is called [...]

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The Science of Penalties

One of my favourite pastimes is watching football (also called soccer in some parts of the world), there are few things more beautiful than seeing a ball kicked 40-50 yards and laying completely still at the feet of the intended recipient after a single deft touch.  The 2011/2012 season came to a close at the [...]

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Weapon of Mass Distraction: The Media Lab's MAME Cabinet

It seems like far too long ago that I was skipping excitedly through my local shopping center, hurrying through to the arcade to slam a R20 note down onto the counter and hear the clatter of those big coins being dispensed for my enjoyment. The coins I would use to feed those hungry machines lining [...]

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