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Group-based cryptography

In this blog post I will discuss the mathematical concept of a group, and I’ll give an example of an actual cryptosystem based on groups. I’ll try to keep the mathematical jargon to a minimum, and give illustrative examples where possible. Group theory 101 A group is a very general mathematical structure defined as follows. [...]

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The wonder of Android

We have all heard of, or used an Android device but what makes Android so unique? According to market research firm IDC Android is currently the leader in the smartphone market with a 59% of the market compared to iOS with 29%. Android is an open source software stack for mobile devices such as smartphones [...]

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Do you care if people burn?

Today the terms ‘user privacy’ and ‘data confidentiality’ are very important if you are planning to provide a service to people other than yourself. The big question is how do you go about to enforce these concepts? Everybody has heard about ‘encryption’ and that it is apparently the way to go. Unfortunately most people haven’t [...]

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The Entitlement Complex

Everyone hates paying for things. Especially if you don’t want the thing you just paid for. This could be an iPad, a voice line when you want ADSL or for your mother in law’s flight so she can come visit you on Christmas. This also happens when you subscribe to a pay TV service. The [...]

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DSK students visit the MIH Media Lab

A group of science learners from the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt visited the MIH Media Lab last week to experience first-hand what we do in the Lab. The learners listened to a talk from Leendert Botha on his work experience at Google in San Francisco and then Stephan Gouws, another Lab student, gave a short [...]

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You know what, I would download real money and food if I could.

I form part of the Conditional Access group in the MIH Media Lab. When I talk to people about my research, they go, “Oh, so you are basically trying to stop piracy? You know that’s impossible, right?” Ambitious, maybe. Impossible? I like to think not.

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