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Non-visual 3D Environments

For most people, the title might seam to contradict itself. 3D, at least if you’re not a mathematician, immediately brings to mind 3D computer games, 3D movies, and other visual media. In this article however, I will not focus on the visual aspect associated with 3D. In fact, I want to describe a 3D experience [...]

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Why Computer Vision Failed the Vision Test

Computer graphics has always been an interest of mine. Seeing the latest CGI film or AAA video game showing off the current peak of graphics technology and creativity can really put one in awe of what we as humans have achieved. We have generally solved the problem of converting a physical model of a scene into a lifelike sequence of images, [...]

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Our first intern

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DSK students visit the MIH Media Lab

A group of science learners from the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt visited the MIH Media Lab last week to experience first-hand what we do in the Lab. The learners listened to a talk from Leendert Botha on his work experience at Google in San Francisco and then Stephan Gouws, another Lab student, gave a short [...]

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Building a custom AR tablet

Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile devices has grown in leaps and bounds as the devices have become more powerful. However, these devices have not yet reached the point where they are capable of high quality markerless AR. To solve this problem it was decided to build a prototype tablet system that has the needed processing [...]

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Markerless Augmented Reality on iPhone 3Gs

As promised, something cool! This video demonstrates Markerless Augmented Reality on an iPhone 3Gs. It is done using natural feature tracking by inspecting FAST corners as demonstrated in the previous video here:

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Stable FAST corners on 3Gs – Official API.

Just a short post regarding the detection of FAST corners on an iPhone 3Gs using only the official SDK (ie, Appstore ready). This video differs from the previous ones in that it’s extremely fast (total processing time per frame is 10ms) and it can detect and draw thousands of points of interest using FAST, OpenCV [...]

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Augmented Reality Medialab iPhone 3GS App

Here’s a video of a small demo app I wrote for the Medialab featuring an interactive Augmented Reality MIH Medialab model. Marker detection is done using the ARToolkit for iPhone library from and touch interaction is done using standard iPhone SDK frameworks. The model was created in Blender.

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Vision in the Future

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing”. This is unfortunately not yet true for Augmented Reality (AR) applications where the goal is to augment the observed world with real-time computer-generated images and interfaces. At the moment, most consumer AR applications simply display an image on a normal LCD screen or a mobile phone’s display. The [...]

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Tracking FAST corners using SURF descriptors on iPhone 3G.

This video demonstrates my first attempt at tracking FAST corners using SURF descriptors on the iPhone 3G. The framerate is still quite low but I haven’t started optimizing the code for the phone yet. The table below shows the relative amount of processing time each step takes, hopefully each can be reduced. This post is [...]

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