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Web Development – A Useful Skill

Why I started web development I’m a person that loves coming up with new ideas. My friends and family know this all too well. From drive-through grocery shops to fully automated peer-to-peer community courier services. Doesn’t matter how absurd, I just like new ideas. The problem is implementing these ideas. They usually cost a lot [...]

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Apace Maven and Webhosting Services Comparisons

I would like to share some utilities and useful insights that I have discovered during my first year of masters research. These include Apache Maven, a very useful dependency resolution and build automation utility for Java as well as my experiences with different free or partially free Web hosting services. Apache Maven What is Apache [...]

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How to implement a voting system using Bitcoin

The sentence “Bitcoin is to money as to what internet is to communication” frequents forums, discussions and bitcoin websites. Although I believe this wholeheartedly, the truth is that we can only make educated guesses at how this is going to happen, if this is going to happen at all. One obvious case, and the case [...]

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Network-inspired solutions to resource management

I recently had the opportunity to make use of a service called Car2Go in Vienna. This prompted some thoughts on ways that getting inspiration from certain network-architectures may be very useful in everyday life. Car2Go is basically a short-term car-rental service launched by Daimler in 2011. Users sign up for a lifetime membership and get access [...]

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Introduction I’m a big fan of the Python programming language and to be quite honest, the majority of my masters work is written in Python. Along with Python, I also spend a lot of time working with multiple workstations on the network. This is because my masters is focused on securing media in a peer-to-peer media [...]

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A photo app for every occasion

I’m a big fan of the camera on my smartphone because it means I’m never stuck without a camera nearby. Whether I’m watching a band live on stage or having coffee at my local hotspot, my cellphone is always there to capture and maybe even share the moment. And now with all the photography and [...]

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The 2011 Media Lab team

What do you get when you put energetic engineers, creative commerce peeps and savvy scientists in one location? The MIH Media Lab, of course! The Lab is very fortunate to have a great mix of (new and old) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematical Sciences (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), Socio-Informatics and Business Management students. New [...]

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Applications open for 2010

The research team is looking for candidates who… …have already completed, or are about to complete their BSc or BEng degrees in a related field (Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics). …have an exceptional undergraduate academic record. …have a solid background in computer programming and have a good idea of what Software Engineering is [...]

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