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MScEng student, researching P2P MMOGs. Interested in games, squash, the finer side of cheap beer and science as a means of advancing the species rather than the market. See Francois's full profile
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Crowdfunding and games: The niche is larger than you think

There’s no denying that the videogame industry has become a huge and profitable industry. With the exception of the crash of 1977, the industry has shown huge growth, and with the advances in graphics and processing technology, video games have constantly increased in scope, complexity and immersion. Games of the 80’s and 90’s were simpler, [...]

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Weapon of Mass Distraction: The Media Lab’s MAME Cabinet

It seems like far too long ago that I was skipping excitedly through my local shopping center, hurrying through to the arcade to slam a R20 note down onto the counter and hear the clatter of those big coins being dispensed for my enjoyment. The coins I would use to feed those hungry machines lining [...]

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Extra Life Fundraiser: +1 to Charity

OK, here’s an idea that should have come into existence a long time ago: a fundraiser where its participants have a 24-hour gaming marathon, and all the money raised from their sponsors go to a worthy cause. Playing games all day and doing some good in the process? Sounds like a great idea. That’s the [...]

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Gaming for a better tomorrow

For many people, Real Life™ is, at best, a bit dull. The jobs that most of us do seem to serve no real purpose, our efforts bear little or no fruit and we get little satisfaction from our work. Not to mention that, outside work, we’re trying to lose some weight, quit smoking or expand [...]

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