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Sound Synthesis, an Overview

Often when I listen to game produced audio (either when playing an audio game, or looking over the shoulder of a sighted player), it struck me how sounds resulting from consecutive similar actions sound exactly the same. A good example of this is the sound of an opening door. In most games one can open [...]

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Natural Language Programming

Much exploration has been done recently to find an alternative way of programming besides traditional programming languages. With the current app boom, an alternative programming method can be useful for those wanting to write a mobile app, but not willing to learn a programming language. A common approach is programming using a visual interface. Pure [...]

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Non-visual 3D Environments

For most people, the title might seam to contradict itself. 3D, at least if you’re not a mathematician, immediately brings to mind 3D computer games, 3D movies, and other visual media. In this article however, I will not focus on the visual aspect associated with 3D. In fact, I want to describe a 3D experience [...]

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