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Trend Anomaly in Academic Publication Data

The predominant part of my Master’s research involves using a dataset about published academic papers in the computer science domain. I am using various ranking algorithms on this dataset to identify important papers and authors. During the course of my research I looked at some trends about the way researchers have published articles over time. [...]

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The War Over Citation Counts

There exists an ever lasting war of opinions in the academic community of how the impact of papers, the prestige of journals and conferences, and the prominence of university departments should be measured. The centre of this conflict, the battleground that is heavily fought over, surrounds the question of what exactly citations of academic papers [...]

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About: Wikipedia’s structure and how it is used in research

Wikipedia is an amazing resource of information for readers, people that quickly want to check facts and sometimes also the last resort to settle a heated debate about some topic. Recently, Wikipedia has also gained attention to researchers that recognized Wikipedia’s unique structure and scale as a great tool for research and experiments. Wikipedia’s structure [...]

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Functional programming?

Recently, I had to use a functional programming language to implement a regular expression matcher. I have never used a functional programming languages before, so I though I would share some of the things I discovered by working through a small example that uses a functional language called Lisp. First of all, what exactly are [...]

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