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A rock climbing kendoka gamer. Currently studying an MScEng in Artificial Intelligence. See Johann's full profile
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Visions of the Future

The Foundation originated on the remote world of Terminus, situated on the far edge of a crumbling galactic empire. Surrounded by breakaway imperial provinces, all trying to carve out their own little empires, the Foundation had to use to its advantage the only resource it had. That resource was knowledge.  Powerful science! Nuclear Science! Combining [...]

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How real do you want it?

…You’re crouched low, hunched over and your shoulders are feeling tight. You shift your weight to ease the cramp starting in your thighs and hear the squelching sound as the mud sucks at your boots. A bead of sweat runs down your temple. In the back of your mind “The End” by The Doors is [...]

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