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some more ways our brain plays tricks on us

in an interview with lee gomes, michael jordan (no, not the basketball player, the ieee fellow) stated that there are still many challenging, unsolved problems in computer vision, even though deep learning has given us a great tool in terms of certain types of image classification. although michael jordan had a thing or two to say [...]

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gestalt theory

“the whole is other than the sum of the parts” – kurt koffka this oft-used quote, by koffka, can be used to summarise gestalt theory in a single sentence. this theory deals with the fact that very often the ‘whole’ that we experience/see/hear is not the same as merely dissecting something into pieces and adding [...]

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graph theory basics

whilst doing my masters (which focussed on graphical models), i used to joke that i was researching the areas i loved most (graph theory), and hated most (statistics). since then my focus has changed somewhat (and i don’t hate statistics anymore), but graph theory remains fun to play with. (very) basics of graph theory simply [...]

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short introduction to image parsing

humans easily do what computers cannot – look at a scene and not only recognise the objects in it, but also understand the image. a quick example:   looking at this picture, humans take a split second to recognise that there are two dogs (most likely border collies), a girl about to throw a ball, [...]

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