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Fairness in e-commerce, sport and food

The theme of fairness has come up in very different contexts since my reading recently shifted away from being strictly thesis-centered. Of course, life isn’t fair and what is perceived as fair differs from person to person. That said, I have often wondered whether greater fairness is a hallmark of a more sophisticated or merit-driven [...]

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Network-inspired solutions to resource management

I recently had the opportunity to make use of a service called Car2Go in Vienna. This prompted some thoughts on ways that getting inspiration from certain network-architectures may be very useful in everyday life. Car2Go is basically a short-term car-rental service launched by Daimler in 2011. Users sign up for a lifetime membership and get access [...]

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The Science of Penalties

One of my favourite pastimes is watching football (also called soccer in some parts of the world), there are few things more beautiful than seeing a ball kicked 40-50 yards and laying completely still at the feet of the intended recipient after a single deft touch.  The 2011/2012 season came to a close at the [...]

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