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Fun with 3D reconstruction: Scanning and printing models from photo's

One of the Media Lab’s favorite pass times, apart from academics of course, is printing various ‘useful’ items on our MakerBot. Coffee is poured and a seat is taken while we wait in amusement for every line of plastic to form part of some Star Wars character. With the sky as the limit, or rather 6700 cm3, you can [...]

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Weapon of Mass Distraction: The Media Lab's MAME Cabinet

It seems like far too long ago that I was skipping excitedly through my local shopping center, hurrying through to the arcade to slam a R20 note down onto the counter and hear the clatter of those big coins being dispensed for my enjoyment. The coins I would use to feed those hungry machines lining [...]

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"Ebugs" for Smart Phones and Tablets

Ever since buying the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch a few months ago I encountered problems relating to the battery life. On average if I received or made 10 calls a day (average time per call 5 minutes), run a few apps and accessed my emails, the battery would run out after a few hours. [...]

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About: Wikipedia's structure and how it is used in research

Wikipedia is an amazing resource of information for readers, people that quickly want to check facts and sometimes also the last resort to settle a heated debate about some topic. Recently, Wikipedia has also gained attention to researchers that recognized Wikipedia’s unique structure and scale as a great tool for research and experiments. Wikipedia’s structure [...]

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DSK students visit the MIH Media Lab

A group of science learners from the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt visited the MIH Media Lab last week to experience first-hand what we do in the Lab. The learners listened to a talk from Leendert Botha on his work experience at Google in San Francisco and then Stephan Gouws, another Lab student, gave a short [...]

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The Chinese Web Ecosystem

It’s strange world out there & China is no exception. In fact it’s so different, that most of the time it’s completely unrecognizable to the gurus of the West. The most populous country in the world is no stranger to the Web or 互联网 (pronounced who-leean-whung) in Chinese. It’s language makes it a hard barrier [...]

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Minecraft: Why do we play?

So I wasn’t sure what to do with this blog post. I wanted to write a Minecraft post, showing some of the awesome stuff we in the Medialab are doing, but I also wanted to give my thoughts on why Minecraft is so successful. Two blogs then, the first, some thoughts on why Minecraft has [...]

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