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A 46.8% positive introduction to Sentiment Analysis

Few Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools are touted as “blatantly useful” as often as sentiment analysis. Companies want to know why their products are bad, and they want to know it automatically. Past Some of the first automatic sentiment classification experiments used film reviews as data. You have the actual text, and you have the [...]

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String similarity measures for cheese

We want to know how “close” words are to other words. A similarity measure is a function that gives a score to two words (or more generally, character strings). For example, we want the distance between “ppl” and “people” to be low, but the distance between “ppl” and “cheese” to be far. In an automated [...]

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Some observations about the NUS collection of SMSs

  Ya i am doin too much.hereafter i wnt ask any one Hey sorry I didnt give ya a a bell earlier hunny, just been in bed but mite go 2 the pub l8tr if u wana mt up? loads a luv Jen. Pay credit card bill for my sis… Ur sis lesson until wat [...]

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