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MscEng student who finally succumbed to the lure of cryptography research. Probably watches too much anime on the side and still enjoys the occasional algorithm contest. See Dirk-B's full profile
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Do you care if people burn?

Today the terms ‘user privacy’ and ‘data confidentiality’ are very important if you are planning to provide a service to people other than yourself. The big question is how do you go about to enforce these concepts? Everybody has heard about ‘encryption’ and that it is apparently the way to go. Unfortunately most people haven’t [...]

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The Entitlement Complex

Everyone hates paying for things. Especially if you don’t want the thing you just paid for. This could be an iPad, a voice line when you want ADSL or for your mother in law’s flight so she can come visit you on Christmas. This also happens when you subscribe to a pay TV service. The [...]

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