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Markerless Augmented Reality on iPhone 3Gs

As promised, something cool! This video demonstrates Markerless Augmented Reality on an iPhone 3Gs. It is done using natural feature tracking by inspecting FAST corners as demonstrated in the previous video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4RnDjmGry8

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Stable FAST corners on 3Gs – Official API.

Just a short post regarding the detection of FAST corners on an iPhone 3Gs using only the official SDK (ie, Appstore ready). This video differs from the previous ones in that it’s extremely fast (total processing time per frame is 10ms) and it can detect and draw thousands of points of interest using FAST, OpenCV [...]

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Medialab Rockstars

Medialab Students are not only rockstars of code, but also of music. Estiaan, Helge and Waldo taking Estiaan’s new Guitar Hero 5 kit for some exercise. (We’ll put up a sound clip of Carel doing an excellent Rammstein Du Hast karaoke up soon…)

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Augmented Reality Medialab iPhone 3GS App

Here’s a video of a small demo app I wrote for the Medialab featuring an interactive Augmented Reality MIH Medialab model. Marker detection is done using the ARToolkit for iPhone library from http://www.artoolworks.com and touch interaction is done using standard iPhone SDK frameworks. The model was created in Blender.

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Tracking FAST corners using SURF descriptors on iPhone 3G.

This video demonstrates my first attempt at tracking FAST corners using SURF descriptors on the iPhone 3G. The framerate is still quite low but I haven’t started optimizing the code for the phone yet. The table below shows the relative amount of processing time each step takes, hopefully each can be reduced. This post is [...]

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OpenCV and FAST corners on the iPhone 3G

[caption id="attachment_478" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="iphone FAST corners"]iphone FAST corners[/caption]

As part of my research I am developing tools and libraries for use at the MIH Medialab at Stellenbosch that will allow us to create Augmented Reality applications on mobile devices. In the screenshot you can see the output of the Cambridge FAST corners algorithm running on an iPhone 3G. Video frames are captured from the iPhone’s camera using the camera callback Hook trick published by the brilliant iPhone hacker Norio Nomura (to whom I am eternally grateful). The video frames are processed by OpenCV which was compiled for the iPhone (static libs) and then passed onto the FAST corner detection algorithm with Nonmaximal suppression enabled. The resulting points are simply drawn on a transparent UIView overlayed on the cameraPreview view.

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