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MXit API Launch

The MXit API launch took place in Stellenbosch at STIAS on 29 October. Some MIH Media Lab members went to the event, to see what new possibilities might come from MXit partially opening their system, to enable 3rd party development. Herman Heunis , CEO of MXit, opened the floor with a few interesting insights into [...]

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Learners sinking their teeth into Python

This weekend, about 100 high school learners from across the Western Cape will get their first taste of computer programming. They’ll be attending an intensive two-day introductory course at Stellenbosch University, fully sponsored by the Media Lab. The learners will get an introduction to everything from variables and loops, to lists, strings and functions. They’ll [...]

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Join our team!

We’re looking for bright, ambitious people to join our team — people who don’t just know how to work with or design technology, but people who are thrilled by the pace at which the world is changing, who realise that we’re living in a digital revolution, and who burn to be part of it. There’s [...]

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Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM)

This shift in power brought about a whole range of potential disadvantages and advantages for marketing companies. In the one hand we have consumers that can rate a movie’s performance and simultaneously influence future ticket sales, and on the other hand we have marketers that can now for the first time gain in-depth knowledge of consumers’ online communication and purchase behaviour and leverage this information to anticipate future marketing strategies.

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Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs)

Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are a special case of Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), where vehicles are the nodes. Vehicles or nodes share data among themselves in an ad hoc fashion termed Inter-vehicle communication (IVC) or Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication. They also communicate with external networks in infrastructure mode termed Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) [...]

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The Basics of Reinforcement Learning

This is a guest contribution by Herman Schaaf, a final-year Electronic Engineering student at Stellenbosch University. Herman has just begun his final-year project, in which he is developing an artificial intelligence that should learn how to play StarCraft by using the principles of Reinforcement Learning. Because gaming technology and machine intelligence is very Medialabbish, we [...]

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3 (more or less) realistic hacker movies

Whenever hackers are portrayed in movies it most often involves a 3D fly-through user interface with what would appear to be advances mathematical formulas, binary numbers and what not flying across the screen. However, the truth is that most hackers would never go anywhere near a GUI. In fact, most break-ins into computer systems are [...]

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Django in 2010: A Round-up

What is Django ? The Django website tag line reads: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Sounds good, but what exactly is Django (pronounced JANG-oh). Django is a web application framework written in python. Like Ruby on Rails it follows the model-view-controller pattern.

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Accelerometer in Mobiles used for monitoring employee activities

Company managers are forced in today’s working environment to cut cost and improve efficiency in any possible manner. For a manager to improve efficiency, they need performance reports or some monitoring system. Certain companies are aiming to not only monitor or record employee’s task, but also how much time was spent by the employee on [...]

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Version Control

I checked out some version control solutions today, the candidates were: SVN, Bazaar and Git. My main requirements were ease of use, public hosting service (repo, ticket tracking, wiki, etc) and the ability to make source private (Remember that NDA you signed?). Turns out the simplest and quickest solution is bitbucket based on Mercurial. Sign [...]

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