Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is the immersion of a subject into a version of the real world that is augmented with additional real-time information. It is bringing information to the user when and where we need to use it.

We differentiate between Mobile and Immobile Augmented Reality. Mobile AR is taking mobile computing to the extreme in that the AR application runs on a mobile device such as Apple’s iPhone. The disadvantage of mobile devices is the limited computing and memory resources. Immobile AR is limited to more fixed environments such as computer interfaces, sport fields and vehicle surfaces. The advantage is that the computing and memory limitations are not a problem with Immobile AR applications.

Simon Streicher Dense 3D reconstruction: Modelling an object from unordered image sets.
Lloyd Hughes Scene Aware Augmented Reality: Implementing 3D Reconstruction on a Mobile Device.
jeanne-marié loveday tbc - something in the direction of image parsing