Who can apply?

The research team is looking for candidates who…

  • have already completed, or are about to complete their BSc or BEng degrees in a related field (Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics).
  • have an exceptional undergraduate academic record.
  • have a solid background in computer programming and have a good idea of what Software Engineering is about.
  • are clever and creative, and interact comfortably with other people, both online and irl.
  • represent a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and interests.

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How to apply?

  • Fill in the online application form (preferred)
  • Fax, mail or email the Application Form for Masters Studies in 2016
  • Fax, mail or email the Application Form for Doctoral Studies in 2016
  • Bursaries for 2016 are now available.  Applications must reach us by 30 September 2015.  Bursary applications are welcomed throughout the year though. Applicants will be considered on a first-come-first served basis.

Please feel free to apply.

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Masters Bursaries

The Electronic Media Laboratory offers generous bursaries to postgraduate researchers, to cover living and study expenses. Here’s what might interest you:

  • Bursaries cover your full registration and class fees, irrespective of the costs of the degree for which you enrol.
  • You are paid out a yearly stipend to cover living expenses. This amounted to R78 500 in 2015, and will be adjusted for inflation for 2016.
  • Each student receives a yearly equipment and conference allowance for computer equipment, software and travel supporting the research. This amounted to R25 000 in 2015.

Positions are still available.

Indirect benefits of the postgraduate bursary include access to a state-of-the art laboratory with excellent computing and networking facilities, ample desk space, dedicated administrative and research support (even beyond that offered by your supervisor) and everything you need to relax your mind in between all the hard work — including console gaming facilities and the best coffee in town. Our postgrad students get excellent exposure to industry and the tech business world, and ample funding is available to present your research at international conferences.

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Applications FAQ

  • What is the cost of attending the Media Lab’s graduate program?
  • All graduate students are currently fully supported.
  • How do I apply to your graduate program?
  • By completing the online application form.
  • What is the application deadline?
  • 30 September 2015.
  • Is there another way to apply other than online?
  • Completion of the online application form is the preferred method of application. But applications can also be faxed or emailed. Please see Contact Us.
  • When will I learn if I have been admitted?
  • First-round admission letters are mailed out by 30 November 2015. You will also be informed telephonically or via email.
  • Will it be possible for me to have an interview?
  • Interviews are by invitation only, and conducted during the admissions review process.
  • Can you tell me my chances of my admittance?
  • No. There are many factors beyond academic qualifications that are considered during the admissions process; thus, we cannot give applicants feedback on likelihood of acceptance.
  • Can I visit the Media Lab?
  • The Media Lab does not offer tours of the lab other than the annual University or Faculty tours such as Open days. However, if you wish to visit the Media Lab, you can contact us to arrange a visit.

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