Dirk Brand
Investigation and Design of AI players for the Risk board game.
Ryno Fourie
Realism in gaming: Simulating object deformation using cellular automata

next generation internet

Manrich van Greunen
Applying load prediction for scaling of stateful Cloud Application
Johannes Jonker
A system dynamics approach to increasing user participation in a blog-based social network: The case of Bonfiire
Frederick Lutz
Using online social network data to measure real-time income changes in South Africa
Thomas Weighill
Linking Database Interoperability to Categorica Algebra through Grothendieck Fibrations
Gerdus Benade
Designing a distributed framework for the enumeration of MOLS

conditional access

Rijnard van Tonder
Threat Modeling and Threat Mitigation of Embedded Device Software
Antony Salotto
Modulation techniques for video watermarking
Gerard Louw
Gerard Louw
A survey of elliptic curve cryptosystems, with an analysis of their security
Heila-Marié van der Merwe
Analysing Android applications

augmented reality

Simon Streicher
Dense 3D reconstruction: Modelling an object from unordered image sets.
Lloyd Hughes
Scene Aware Augmented Reality: Implementing 3D Reconstruction on a Mobile Device.
jeanne-marié loveday
tbc - something in the direction of image parsing