Barend Lutz Measuring public sentiment on democracy from Twitter
Jan Buys Probabilistic Tree Automata for Language Models and Grammar Correction
Robert Mataruse Sensor Data Acquisition and web publishing and communications
Stefan Alberts Software Hand Tracking and Pose Recognition Using Depth Images
Francois van Niekerk Learning and Segmentation in Computer Go
Leon van Niekerk The Development and Evaluation of an Electronic Serious Game aimed at the Education of Core Programming Skills
Darren Croucher A Peer-to-Peer Middleware Plugin for an MMOG Client-Server Architecture
Abraham Coetzee Visual Thinking in Computer Programming
Rehan van Zyl
Rehan van Zyl Indoor localisation and navigation using a mobile phone
Daniek Joubert Dense Stereo Correspondence for Uncalibrated Images in Multiple View Reconstruction
Robbie Vos
Robbie Vos 3D position estimation of sports players through multi-view tracking
Leendert Botha
Leendert Botha Random graph model for social network analysis
Jacques Bruwer
Jacques Bruwer Peer-to-peer video streaming over fast local networks
Helge Reikeras
Helge Reikeras Audio-Visual Automatic Speech Recognition using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Estiaan le Roux
Estiaan le Roux The Design of a 3D Mixed Reality Framework
Carel van Wyk
Carel van Wyk Mobile Markerless Augmented Reality
Philip Perold
Philip Perold Development of a Monte Carlo Ad Hoc Routing Protocol for Connectivity Improvement
Konrad Blum
Konrad Blum Evaluating the Applications of Spatial Audio in Telephony
Hendrik van Huyssteen Digital Watermarking as Copy Protection in Media Distribution Networks
Dirk-B Coetzee A Product Entitlement System for Pay-TV in Modern Attack Scenarios
Hilgard Bell Procedural Content Generation
Francois Malherbe Interest Management in Peer-to-Peer Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Johann Jungbauer
Johann Jungbauer Evolving Squad Behaviour in First Person Shooter AI Agents
Marcel Dunaiski Ranking Academic Publications using Models of Traffic
Simon de la Rouviere Effectiveness of online social-network information stream filtering methods.
Niel de la Rouviere Learning Chinese Vocabulary: a SRS implementation utilizing the unique properties of Chinese Orthography
Dirko Coetsee Normalisation of noisy web text by using Machine Learning techniques
Peter Hayward Topic-based unsupervised semantic parsing
Mariska du Preez Mobile Technology adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Dirk Badenhorst Predicting trends using internet activity
Quiran Storey Security and containment of electronic media in a peer-to-peer media distribution platform.
Tapiwa Gutu Development of energy efficient software and hardware camera trap platform.
Neal Derman
Neal Derman Network Requirements and for Online Game Streaming
John Gilmore A Scalable and Fair Peer-to-Peer MMOG Architecture with Novel State Consistency
Marc de Klerk Single Lens High Dynamic Range Video
Waldo Minnaar
Waldo Minnaar Window in World device
Francois de Villiers Filtering Information Streams
Dirk Bosman
Dirk Bosman The analysis of consumer power by measuring the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on online purchases.
Stephan Gouws Deep Unsupervised Feature Learning for Natural Language Processing
Lerotholi Mojela
Lerotholi Mojela WiMax Networks for Media distribution in Vehicle Networks.
Jaco du Toit A Fountain Code Forward Error Correction. Strategy for SensLAB Applications.
MJ (Thinus) Booysen Media access control for fast communication in vehicular ad-hoc networks.