Media Lab Monday: Blink Tower

For our August Media Lab Monday event we invited Elodie Kleynhans and Adrian Burger from Blink Tower to explain what they do as “explainer video” makers. Blink Tower takes complex ideas and product offerings and distill it into simple terms with animation and video.


Blink Tower (Adrian far left, Elodie in the middle) with the MIH Media Lab students

Blink Tower is one year old and they count Vodacom, Ray-Ban and Rocking the Daisies as their biggest clients. “Most companies have big ideas and the ability to develop, but need that extra push to get the idea across”, says Elodie. Their secret to success is combining technical expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to encourage clients to get their idea across.

Gone are the days of explicit marketing campaigns. Consumers nowadays want something in return for their attending. By explaining your product, and the products’ ability to make your life better, Blink Tower markets by “educating”, and not by “selling”. For this approach to work, you need to know exactly who your audience is and start off by stating the problem. “We’re in essence marketing for the YouTube generation”, according to Adrian.

Why video?
We are reaching the zenith of video technologically.
- No-one likes to read. Reading is so 1990’s
- Turn people into a captive audience
- Animation draws attention
- The story should have an emotional hookup
- Short (most videos are 90 seconds or less)

What makes a successful video?
- Every second and word should count
- Crisp, clear, no ambiguity
- Things need to look good (earn people’s attention)

In a world that is suffering from media overload, it sometimes helps to see things clearly, have an outside perspective, and help people sell their idea. Simply.

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