Media Lab Monday with Danny Day

Danny Day of QCF Design, recently was the guest speaker in the Lab’s first Media Lab Monday series. They are best known for the game, Desktop Dungeons.
Speaking to a room filled with gaming enthusiasts, Danny shared some of his experience as South African game developer in the international market and provided great insights into starting off as a gamer.

Danny’s seven tips to becoming an awesome gamer:
1. Start with it; the platform doesn’t matter at first, just get experience.
2. Don’t spend too much time on the details.
3. The hard part is to make it fun, different, weird, enjoyable to play.
4. Use what you know.
5. Build a portfolio.
6. Get honest feedback.
7. Get some exposure early

He says to draw inspiration from any game you have thought of, played, or the one you never made. Danny also has quite a patriotic outlook on gamers in South Africa saying “Not everyone knows all these cool [gaming] companies are South African”. He says South African game developers should really try and be more visible in international spaces, but also support the local gaming community.

“The most important thing is to get involved in the community”, Danny said as his finishing thoughts. “O yes, and take part in GGJ”.

Since the talk, QCF Design, won the IGF award in the category for Excellence in Design for their rogue-like game Desktop Dungeons.

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