The 2011 Media Lab team

What do you get when you put energetic engineers, creative commerce peeps and savvy scientists in one location? The MIH Media Lab, of course!

The MIH Media Lab team for 2011

The Lab is very fortunate to have a great mix of (new and old) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematical Sciences (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), Socio-Informatics and Business Management students.

New students include:

  • Dirk-B Coetzee: focusing his research efforts on conditional access.
  • Hilgard Bell: honours student in computer science focusing on gaming
  • Francois Malherbe: research in the field of peer-to-peer (P2P) massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), specifically in the field of interest management
  • Johann Jungbauer: currently finalising his research field, but it will be something to do with gaming and AI
  • Hendrik van Huyssteen: keen sound engineer and is working on watermarking technologies
  • Mariska du Preez: marketing engineer looking at mobile technology innovations in developing countries
  • Quiran Storey: research focuses on the security and containment of electronic media in a peer-to-peer media distribution platform
  • Dirk Badenhorst: looking at making predictions based on internet connectivity
  • Dirko Coetsee: research is about the application of techniques to natural language processing and text mining
  • Tapiwa Gutu: research topic will be the design and implementation of a camera trap platform
  • Niel de la Rouviere: doing an MPhil degree in Hypermedia for Language Learning
  • Simon de la Rouviere: have a keen interest in the power of the web to create new and interesting connections

Be sure to stop by for a visit to the Lab (good coffee and homebaked goodies too) to see what the rest of the team is up to. And if you’re keen to join us, apply here.

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