Stable FAST corners on 3Gs – Official API.

Just a short post regarding the detection of FAST corners on an iPhone 3Gs using only the official SDK (ie, Appstore ready).

This video differs from the previous ones in that it’s extremely fast (total processing time per frame is 10ms) and it can detect and draw thousands of points of interest using FAST, OpenCV and an OpenGL layer for output. Most importantly, it uses only official APIs and requires no jailbreak.

As you can see in the video, corner detection is quite stable.

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  1. 1
    NielDLR on Friday 10 September, 15:35 PM #

    Woah that’s quite awesome. I might not understand everything about AR, but that looks quite nifty!

  2. 2
    Oded Ben Dov on Tuesday 11 January, 01:29 AM #


    Awesome performance! There’s an open source project that achieves what seem to be very similar –

    Perhaps you could find interesting code in there, like specific optimizations or what not.


    • 3
      Carel van Wyk on Tuesday 11 January, 09:30 AM #

      Thanks Oded!

      Looks like those guys took the correct route (Using OpenGL to draw corners) and also used some optimisations (converting inside static buffers) that I didn’t do, so their code should be slightly faster than mine.

      I really appreciate your comment, thanks again!


  3. 4
    Oded Ben Dov on Tuesday 11 January, 17:22 PM #

    “Those guys” are me :)
    You welcome!

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