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Research for a Master's degree isn't fun and games... (except at the Media Lab)

We’re looking for bright, ambitious people to join our team — people who don’t just know how to work with or design technology, but people who are thrilled by the pace at which the world is changing, who realise that we’re living in a digital revolution, and who burn to be part of it.

There’s tremendous opportunity for innovation in the web and mobile technology space. Also, across the world, Universities seem to be places where great ideas and businesses are born. Did you know that Google, Time Magazine, Facebook, Dell,, FedEx and Microsoft were all conceived while their founders were still studying? The friends you make at varsity may be the perfect partners in your future career, so it’s worth carefully considering your place of study.

At the MIH Media Laboratory at Stellenbosch University, we believe that putting the right team together and giving them lots of creative space and resources, is the best way to breed innovation. We aim for both research innovation (pushing the boundaries of web and mobile technology) and applied innovation (finding ways in which tech can create great businesses, or improve our lives in some or other way). The team currently consists of 20 postgrad researchers doing their Honours, Master’s and Doctorate degrees, from a wide variety of disciplines (Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Commerce and Socio-Informatics). We plan to grow our team to 30 people in 2011, which means that there’s a great opportunity for you to join us!

Applications will remain open until all positions are filled, so you’re still very welcome to apply.

We work in four broad research areas:

  • Gaming, including MMOGs, streaming games, augmented reality games and social network-based games.
  • Media Distribution, where we work on the 21st-century answers to 20th-century technology such as TV, radio, telephone and print media.
  • The Future Web, including search technology, the semantic web, recommender systems and new forms of human-computer interaction.
  • Augmented Reality, through which the digital world manifests itself in our perception of the physical word.

If you are about to complete (or have recently completed) a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you should consider applying for a bursary in the Media Lab. Here are some good reasons for joining our team:

  • A generous bursary to cover your living expenses while studying.
  • A budgetary allowance to support your research, that can be spent on a computer, attending an international conference or workshop, or additional hardware or software as needed.
  • You’ll work with people that will stimulate your mind, and that you’d like to build your career with.
  • You pursue the degree of your choice, in the faculty of your choice, with the best available academic supervisor for your topic. The Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research area, that hosts students from a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Very close contact with industry — expect to have regular discussions with C-level execs of multinational companies, who will take a keen interest in your work.
  • Regular exposure to business and entrepreneurship.
  • We have the best coffee in town, on tap.

So think about it… Contact us if you have any further questions, or want to pop in for a quick tour. But we hope you’ll eventually fill in the application form, and maybe even join the team!

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