Augmented Reality Medialab iPhone 3GS App

Here’s a video of a small demo app I wrote for the Medialab featuring an interactive Augmented Reality MIH Medialab model. Marker detection is done using the ARToolkit for iPhone library from and touch interaction is done using standard iPhone SDK frameworks. The model was created in Blender.

The demo is running as a native iPhone OS 3.1.3 app on an iPhone 3GS, proving that real-time AR is possible on the latest iPhone OS contrary to popular belief. This is made possible by ARToolworks’ ingenious solution for capturing camera input even with OpenGL overlays drawn onto the camera preview. If I’m correct this stroke of genius can be attributed to ARToolworks’ Philip Lamb.

The AR community is hoping that Apple’s iOS4 will provide developers with better camera integration for raw camera pixel data capture. Once this is possible, Augmented Reality models will be more “solid” as compared to the above video.

Many thanks to ARToolkit, Philip Lamb and Mark Billinghurst!

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    Sicarus on Wednesday 15 September, 10:38 AM #

    wow… advances in technology are getting pretty amazing… what are the real world uses for such an application, though? Still pretty awesome if you ask me….

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