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I checked out some version control solutions today, the candidates were: SVN, Bazaar and Git.

My main requirements were ease of use, public hosting service (repo, ticket tracking, wiki, etc) and the ability to make source private (Remember that NDA you signed?).

Turns out the simplest and quickest solution is bitbucket based on Mercurial. Sign up is quick, you can make your source private (password protected) and syncing your repo is very easy. TortoiseHG (TortoiseSVN clone) for windows is available.

My main use for this is keeping track of the source of my mobile computer vision tracking project, but I’ll write more about that later.

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    Jacques Bruwer on Thursday 18 March, 18:25 PM #

    Some good resources on getting started with Mercurial include:

    Mercurial: The Definitive Guide by Bryan O’Sullivan available free online.

    The Bitbucket help section gives a quick intro to mercurial and

    Joel Spolsky created a Mercurial tutorial available online here.

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